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Web-based resources for Game-based Learning

The links below provide a few key resource and game-based learning sites available around the web. Each link should open into a new browser window.

Types of Resources

The resource list below does not encompass all the web has to offer, but it does provide a great starting point if you are looking for further information on game-based learning. This resource list also provides a few of the popular learning sites and virtual worlds already available to learners. They are sure to motivate visitors into digging further for into game-based learning. I highly recommend taking a look at the YouTube videos offered on our homepage. TedX is known for its motivating speakers and their insights into various aspects of game-based learning as well as a plethora of other topics.

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Using Gaming Principles to Engage Students - October 14, 2014. The first resource is called Edutopia. The site is not all about game-based learning, but this article offers some inavaluable insight into the topic.

Second Life - "The largest-ever 3D virtual world created entirely by its users." Sources state that this virtual world is a place of education and collaboration.

Arcademics offers a fun way to learn basic algebra, language arts, typing, and geography. It makes me wish I could repeat my elementary and middle school years.

ABCya.com boasts being "The Leader in Educational Games for Kids!" and I can see why. This colorful site is for K-5 graders.

Futaba is a really interesting site and idea. Teaching children to use new technology and it also provides a means to keep children engaged. Think IPAD trivial pursuit here.

AVATAR STORYTELLERS touts itself to be a "Proven K-12 program that is pioneering the use of interactive 3D virtual worlds for schools and classrooms." Take a look and judge for yourself.

Fantage provides educational content that is "entertaining as well as knowledge-building." They provide math, language arts, geography, and logic games. This virtual world is not free, but it does look inviting and based on what I found, it looks to be safe.

Cases on the Assessment of Scenario and Game-Based Virtual Worlds in Higher Education

by Kennedy-Clark, Shannon.

IGI Global, Apr 30, 2014

What about post-graduate students? How effective is GBL like Second Life for the graduate student? This study is a comprehensive collection that looks at virtual worlds combined with lessons learned from critical reflection. "These case studies present successes, challenges, and innovations to be utilized as a framework for practitioners and researchers to base their own effective forms of scenario-based learning."