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Hanging the Feeder

Simple Homemade Bird Feeder

SIMPLE HOMEMADE BIRD FEEDER: Birder or nature lover? This homemade bird feeder takes ten minutes to make if you have a few …

Suggestions on photography gear for birding? I am in the market for a new camera and lens for birding. Budget is 1400.00 or less for camera and lens? Speed, crisp pictures, and low noise are a … → August 7, 2012

Mallard Duck +2

Random Nature Photos for July

Month of July, 2012 – While perusing my Mineral Wells neighborhood, I capture random nature photos here and there that have nothing …

One of my feeders

Birding 101 – New content for new birders. Read Birding 101. It describes the birth of my passion for these flighty little creatures. I also discuss the few essentials necessary for getting started. Mantis Eats a … → July 30, 2012

Side note: Taxonomy update – tags now contain the overall color of the bird as well as some of their distinct markings. This should make it easier for searching the site when trying to identify a … → July 24, 2012

Side Note: Updated site to include better post galleries and EXIF data for photography buffs. Now utilizing attachment pages for image content instead of lightbox pop-ups. On a side note: The bird category is now broken … → July 20, 2012