Northern Cardinal on Mineral Wells Texas Bird bath

Cardinals in Dusky Mineral Wells

As you can see, the light is gone in Mineral Wells as it should be this time of evening. I could not resist the urge to grab a few shots of my sickly looking juvenile Northern Cardinal. About this time every evening, I am visited by this young Cardinal that looks as if he has been rode hard and put up wet. Poor guy. I guess his mother did not teach him the dangers of too much sun. Not being the scientist type or a student of bird biology, I have no clue what causes these aberrations in my bird friends. The Starlings in my area are still in full winter coats. Anyway, no matter the time or the cause, it’s fun to step out for a few moments, crank up the ISO, turn down the shutter speed and see how it all turns out. Birding is never the same two days in a row and it is always entertaining. The Cardinal drank steadily while a squirrel chattered noisily in the background. This squirrel was being thoroughly harassed by a young Mockingbird. One can describe the scene thoroughly but the humor cannot be conveyed properly without a good visual. Too bad the trees were so thick. While all this was going on, the Sparrows and Titmice were taking turns on the feeder. A single Chickadee was directly over my head as I sat on the porch. Patiently waiting his turn on the bird bath. It may not be Possum Kingdom Lake or the Grand Canyon but a backyard scene can be invigorating and still calm the soul.

Well, it is time to upload photos, turn off the computer, and hope for a cooler tomorrow. It was a balmy 106 in Mineral Wells today. If you get the chance, stop in at yesterday’s post called, “Random Nature photos for July.” I am needing help with a spider identification.

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Northern Cardinal on Mineral Wells Texas Bird bath
Northern Cardinal on bird bath

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