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  1. Avid Birder
    Avid Birder September 14, 2013 at 12:49 pm |


    All Right on the vespers.

    Number 3… I don’t know. It looks a little like female Goldfinch. Maybe the beak is dark because it’s in a shadow. But that’s all I have,

    Number 4 is a female bluebird

    5. American Pipit

    6. Looks to me like a dark (intermediate morph) Swainson’s Hawk. The hood is too solidly gray-black for RTHA and it’s much too small for eagle. Number 14 looks like the same bird. Harlan’s Hawk don’t nest in Montana and would look very different in the face.

    10 looks like a female Mallard on the right and possibly a Shoveler’s butt in the middle but it could be one of several really. Don’t know.

    17 is an unknown. Possibly a small empid like a Willow since there’s some white on the outer tail feathers, but there’s no way to know without more field marks.

    All the rest are right.

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